The SC Fibromyalgia Support Group was started in October, 2002 by Dr. Robert G. Schwartz, our Medical Director.  He is a strong advocate of patient centered health care; that he incorporates it into his practice and to the support groups..

Our group is so fortunate to have Dr. Schwartz as our medical director.  He attends the majority of the meetings, speaks and answers questions.  Of course, he is limited as to how much he can answer on a personal level due to the new privacy laws. 

Our goal and purpose is not only to offer support but to educate those with Fibromyalgia, their families, and friends about Fibromyalgia.  It is so important that a person with Fibromyalgia understand what, when, where and how to cope with Fibromyalgia.  It is equally important that family and friends understand too.

Our meetings are structured into several sections.  We start with a fellowship time at 6 PM with light refreshments, a business meeting, a planned program with various speakers, including physical therapist, massage therapist, lawyers, other doctors, etc. related to our disease.  After the meeting we encourage people to fellowship and get to know others in the group.  We encourage group participation not only at the meetings but helping with various responsibilities of group.

We encourage everyone with Fibromyalgia in the Greenville, SC area to come and join us on the third Thursday of each month at the Bernadine Center at St. Francis Hospital on St. Francis Dr..  For more information, log onto or call (864)- 235-1834.

We encourage everyone with Fibromyalgia, their family and friends to enroll in our mailing list to stay informed about upcoming meeting, special notices and many other things.
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